The Colorado and Wyoming Academic Advising Association (COWY ACADA) is the primary organized group of professional and faculty advisors and student support personnel at Colorado and Wyoming colleges and universities. The primary goals of the association are:
  • To increase advising effectives in the Colorado and Wyoming region by strengthening communication on academic advising issues within the academic community and among professional advisors;
  • To aid in the development of a great understanding of the role of advising in student learning and to strengthen region-wide recognition of the significance of academic advising in the recruitment, retention, and academic success of Colorado and Wyoming college and university students;
  • To advocate for high quality academic advising services for student and aid in the implementation of an advising assessment process to ensure continuous improvement;
  • To provide a network of advisors and other academic and student affairs professionals that fosters a collaborative environment to ensure students success; and
  • To provide opportunities for professional development to academic and faculty advisors and student support personnel, as well as students interested in the academic advising field throughout the COWY regional campuses.
It is the intent of the organization to become an allied member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and support the goals and programs of NACADA.