Friday, March 16th, 2018
8:00am - 3:45pm

8:00-9:00            Check-in/Breakfast/Networking
9:00-9:20            Welcome
9:20-9:45            Morning Address - Peter Freitag
10:00-10:50        Session 1
  • Laying a Foundation of Success for Students Taking Online Courses
Marti Demarest and Joy Nyenhuis, CSU Online
  • The Completion Agenda: What It Means for Advisors
Ned Muhovich 
  • Intersectional Growth Mindset for Serving First Generation Students
Fabiola Mora and Jill Putman, CSU
  • Using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to Help Students and Staff
Devin Nordson, UC-Boulder 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury - The Invisible Disability: How to Best Serve Our Students with TBIs
Laurel Amsel, UC-Boulder

11:00-11:50        Session 2
  • Creating Access to Study Abroud for Underrepresented Students
Aaron Escobedo, Erica Norris, and Aimee Jones, CSU
  • "But What Job Can I Get?": Responding to Doubt in the Liberal Arts Using Planned Happenstance Theory
Neely O'Connor, CSU
  • Field of Dreams: Realistic Advising with Pre-Nursing Students
ReeAnn Hyde and Brittany Beard, Pikes Peak Community College
  • Strategies for Engaging Students In Exploratory Conversations
Denee Janda, Miki Brooks, and James Murray, UC-Boulder 
  • Peer Advisor/Graduate Assistant Experiences in Academic Advising: Best Practices and Unique Challenges, 
Valerie McClinton, Lauren Rundell, Alexandria Joo, and Trevor Hardin, UC-Colorado Springs

12:00-12:45        Lunch (included in registration)
12:45-1:15          Keynote Address - Ally Garcia

1:30-2:20            Session 3
  • Q&A with Keynote Ally Garcia
Facilitated by Brandan Lowden
  • We're Proactive, How 'Bout You? Using a Pre-Advising Sheet to Encourage Proactive Behavior in Students and Advisors, 
Robyn Jeep Ernst and Brett Eppich Beal, CSU
  • Stress and Our Students: Challenging Mindfulness, Mindfulness Challenges
Jessie Stewart, CSU
  • Encouraging Student Development through Academic Coaching Strategies
Eryn Elder and Audrey Blankenheim, UC-Boulder 
  • From Doom to Bloom: The Art and Science of Engineering Difficult Conversations so Students Can Embrace Change and Get Back to the Business of Making Beautiful Academic Music (and also Journalism), 
Graham Douglas and Blazey Heier, UC-Boulder
  • Put the "H" in Humanities - The "H" Diagram Elevates Career Advising
Karin Hunter-Byrd, Cameron Kantner, and Hansen Millison, UC-Denver

2:30-3:20            Session 4
  • Encouraging Non-STEM Students to Study Math: Advising for Completion
Kelly McGregor, CSU
  • It's All About CYA: Communicating Your Advising!
Jane Mader, Brandy Swanson, and Terrance Paape, MSU-Denver  
  • Ready or Not Here it Comes: The Redesign of FRCC's Advising Model
Erica Ingalls, MIchael Gulliksen, and Mark Harben, Front Range Community College
  • What Academic Advisors Need to Know About Working with Pre-Health Students,
Elisa Cripps, UC-Boulder
  • Advising as Coaching, Coaching as Advising: Clarity, Confusion and Next Steps,
Alicia Sepulveda and Dr. Matthew Birnbaum, UNC

3:30-3:45            Drive-in Closes / Business Meeting